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Dr. Hill saved me from having Gall Stone surgery.  I am VERY happy I came to Hill Chiropractic to get a second opinion.
- PC.

Thanks for showing me your detoxification program. I lost 18 pounds in the three week cleanse, as well as losing 16 inches. I have noticed much less mucous and nasal congestion since the cleanse. I have not had a desire for sugar, simple cards, or soft drinks.
- Ed

Last month I had a lot of aches throughout my back and joints that had lasted for a couple weeks.  After my visit, you had me start taking healthy oils (Fish oil fatty acids) to help with the lubrication of the joints.  After 2 days, I now have very little pain in my back and joints.  Thanks!
- Todd

On January 20, 2010 I reluctantly started the purification program because Dr. Hill, Carleen (my daughter and the receptionist here at Dr. Hills) and 6 patients were going to do it. It is a 21 day program and I thought I can do anything for only 21 days. What a blessing it has been in my life! Not only was it so much easier than I thought, I felt fabulous, slept fantastic and immediately had more energy.  Long story short, this program has launched me and my family into healthy eating. For the most part we abstain from sugar and white flour, we cook healthy meals together and don't buy "junk food" for the house any longer. I have lost 23 lbs in 2 months, my type 2 diabetes is in complete control and I am happier than I have been in quite a long time. The freedom I have found is this is a" livable" way of eating. I still drink a shake once or twice a day and enjoy them immensely. You to can enjoy this amazing way of living!     
- K. Uribe      

My Story
Everybody has a story - I have a long story and a short story. I’ll give you the short story . . .

For nine days I was exhausted, sick, and unable to work or function above the level of a rock. I finally got in to see a M.D. who prescribed an aspirin to break the fever and I felt better within a day. From that time on, which was over the next 17 years, I was rarely to never sick.

However, at four to nine month intervals I had sporadic, painful back issues that would present themselves unrelentingly for two to three weeks at a time. They were often relieved for 20 minutes to two hours by chiropractic treatment, but rarely for any significant length of time.

Major stressful times in my life were accompanied by these very painful spasmodic low back issues. I felt doomed; this was not a normal health lifestyle. During one such episode, a NRT practitioner tested my back to find the root cause. He discovered I had “walking pneumonia reflex”, which meant that my lungs were producing inflammatory mucus and releasing it into the lymphatic. The mucus was then settling in the weak link of my body, which was my low back. The result was that I had consistent low back pain through the stress, usually a period of three weeks.

He recommended lung healing nutrition that I eagerly consumed in my effort to feel better permanently. That was over 15 years ago, and since that time I have not had another episode. It has truly been a miracle in my life!

You can have the same miracle in your life if we can find the underlying cause of your pain or problem.

Your Chiro for LIFE . . .

Dr. David Hill